On Going Relief with Massage Therapy

lady receiving massage

Receiving professional massage therapy sessions on a regular maintenance plan is a critical ingredient for success in living a pain-free lifestyle of optimum health. Years ago massage therapy was misconstrued as a luxury opposed to necessity. Good nutrition, exercise, and stretching are simply not enough for homeostasis.

Did you know that a muscle being massaged has three times the blood flow passing through it? Three times more blood flow translates into triple the oxygen and nutrients being sent to that area of the body, promoting self healing, after all your body knows what to do! Why not encourage your body to heal itself?

In addition to kick starting the immune system, regular massage therapy stimulates the lymphatic system by detoxification, calms an overactive nervous system, assists in realigning the skeletal system, can increase lung capacity by 20% therefore enhancing the respiratory system, and cardiovascular health is improved by increasing circulation and returning blood to the heart.

At Koenig Family Chiropractic, we continuously strives to achieve higher levels of self-wellness.

We tailor our chiropractic sessions to meet individual needs and develop treatment plans that execute the highest level of success for our patrons. Call our family chiropractic office today to make an appointment!


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