Plymouth Chiropractor Explains Best Treatment For Auto Injury

Plymouth Chiropractor Explains
Best Treatment For Auto Injury

Chiropractic Plymouth MA Auto Accident

Chiropractic care can help people with many different kinds of pain and symptoms. These aches could be caused by a number of different incidents. However, there is one incident that when it occurs, seeing a chiropractor is your very best bet every single time. Yes, we're talking about being involved in a car accident. We've spoken to the different injuries that can occur during a car accident in past posts, as well as how our chiropractic treatment may be able to help, but besides the basics, we haven't really informed you why chiropractic treatment is superior to other forms of treatment when it comes to neck and back pain. When you continue reading below, you will find out precisely why this is.

Chiropractic Care Reduces Inflammation

When you are involved in a car accident, it is very likely that you will experience stretching or micro-tears in the ligaments and muscles that make up your spine. While these sort of injuries are not often seen in x-rays or MRI scans, they can lead to your tissues becomes quite inflamed which will often cause varying amounts of discomfort. This is often why people experience stiffness in their necks and shoulders a day or two after being involved in a car accident.

Chiropractic Care Reduces Stress

While you may have only thought about how a car accident affects you physically, there are plenty of other ways an incident like this can have an effect on your body. One of the major ways a car accident will take a toll on your body is by increasing your overall stress levels. When your body goes through a traumatic experience, you will likely respond with several side effects like increased anxiety, or the manifestation of depression. Studies have shown that receiving chiropractic care can not only lower cortisol levels in the body which cause you to be stressed out, but also could give you a higher tolerance for pain.

Chiropractic Care Reduces The Amount Of Scar Tissue

Scar tissue is made by your body to heal ligaments, tendon and muscle injuries. Often, if the scar tissue forms to rapidly, it can cause discomfort and a lack of mobility where the tissue formed. While you cannot stretch the ligaments in your back and neck on your own, your chiropractor can, which will break up the scar tissue in the joint over time.

Chiropractic Care Restores Motion

When you experience severe inflammation from an injury sustained in a car accident, you will also notice that your mobility is quite limited as well. Because the ligaments in the spine do not get as many nutrients as other areas in the body, they cannot move as well once they have become injured or inflamed. A chiropractic adjustment will work the joints of your spines so that they become mobilized, which in turn will increase blow flow and nutrients to the affected area.

Chiropractic Care Benefits Your Whole Body

Many people think that seeing a chiropractor will help their back and only their back. However, this is not the case. Chiropractic care actually benefits your entire body, as well as you mind. If you are curious and you want to know more about what Koenig Chiropractic in Plymouth can do for you, contact our office today. There is no reason for you to experience chronic pain later on, simply because you did not seek chiropractic care right after you were involved in a car accident. It is our passion at Koenig Chiropractic to help those who are suffering from neck, back and shoulder pain. Stop into our office or call us now if you would like to learn more!

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