Plymouth Chiropractor Explains Conditions Addressed By Chiropractic

Plymouth Chiropractor Explains
Conditions Addressed By Chiropractic

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Many people are unaware of the myriad of conditions in the body that a chiropractor can treat. Chiropractic treatments in Plymouth focus on the musculoskeletal system and its effects on the rest of the body. Chiropractors are mostly associated with the treatment of neck and back pain, but they treat a variety of different conditions in the body. Below are just a few of the conditions that your chiropractor can help you with.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common condition experienced by people who sit at a desk all day and by people who are standing all day when they work. One of the ways in which chiropractors treat lower back pain is by manipulating the sacroiliac joint, which links the pelvis to the lowest part of the spine. At Koenig Chiropractic, we offer customized treatments for your back pain. We use intersegmental traction to help the muscles relax, reduce muscle spasms, and to relieve pressure on compressed nerves. By increasing the space between vertebrae, traction helps decrease the pressure on intervertebral discs and spinal nerve roots.

Neck Pain

Not only does spinal manipulation help with back pain, but it can also help with neck pain. In fact, a study published by Annals of Internal Medicine concluded that spinal manipulation was more effective in treating neck pain than medication. Chiropractors help to determine if the neck pain is originating from the neck or if it is actually coming from the shoulders. By determining the root of the pain, chiropractors are able to help properly relieve the symptoms. By receiving chiropractic treatment for neck pain, patients can experience a greater range of motion and flexibility in their necks.

Pregnancy Pain

Women commonly experience aches and pains during their pregnancies such as lower back pain and sciatica. Pain medications and surgeries can potentially affect the fetus, so many pregnant women turn to chiropractors to relieve their pain.Often, pregnant women experience pain due to improper pelvic alignment, which can be addressed in chiropractic visits. Chiropractic treatments can also decrease the occurrence of back labor, which is the intense back pain during labor that is often due to the baby's position.

Digestive Issues

When experiencing digestive issues, you probably don't consider going to a chiropractor for treatment. However, the nerves in the chest and abdominal region of the body are associated with the body's digestive system. Some people experiencing digestive problems have thoracic disc herniation, which is a problem in the area between the spinal bones. When the thoracic vertebrae are misaligned, the nervous system can send impulses to the stomach and nervous systems. These impulses result in digestive problems such as gas, bloating, and heartburn.

These are only a few of the conditions that chiropractic care can treat. You can learn more about the variety of treatments we offer on our website. Whether you are experiencing aches and pains from an injury or from your day-to-day activities, Koenig Chiropractic can help you. Contact our chiropractic office today to learn more about our services, which also includes massage therapy.

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