Plymouth Chiropractor Explains Why To See A Chiropractor For Whiplash

Plymouth Chiropractor Explains
Why To See A Chiropractor For Whiplash

Chiropractic Plymouth MA Auto Accident

When you are involved in an automobile accident in Plymouth, there are a lot of things you have to handle right after they occur. Whether it's paying for the repairs to your vehicle, or purchasing a new one, often people tend to place focus on the many actions they have to take when the collision is over, one of which is not their own health. Often adrenaline plays a lot into not noticing your own pain right after a crash, but a day or two later, it is not likely that you would be able to ignore the soreness, stiffness, and often extreme pain caused by the collision.

One of the most common ailments people suffer from when they have been involved in a car accident is whiplash. If you have recently been hurt in a car wreck and you don't know enough about whiplash to diagnose it in yourself, continue reading below where you can find some more information about this condition and how it can be remedied.

Pain is not the only symptom of whiplash

Most people who are dealing with whiplash will report that either their neck or their shoulder(s) are in pain. However, this dull aching and soreness is not the only symptoms people experience after a car wreck leaves them with whiplash. Additionally, patients report that they are struggling with issues like headaches, muscle spasms, neck swelling, nausea, numbness or tingling in their arms, dizziness, trouble swallowing and blurred vision. While these symptoms can begin to show themselves as soon as right after the accident, in others, they may take a few hours or even days to appear.

Injuries can occur even when speeds are less than 5 mph

Most people associate whiplash with being in a vehicle that is going at high speeds and then suddenly comes to a stop. However, something most people do not realize is that the high speed isn't exactly needed in order for whiplash to occur. The best way we can think to explain this is to note what happens when your car is involved in a collision that occurs in the rear. Even if your vehicle is stopped, the impact of another car slamming into the rear of your vehicle is likely to cause a good amount of damage to you, even if your car wasn't moving at all.

Your neck is forced into an unnatural S curve during impact

There are seven vertebrae in the neck which normally combine to form a curve that is anywhere from 35-45 degrees. This is called the 'cervical lordosis.' However, many people who get whiplash have experienced a change in their vertebrae when their accident occurred. This change means that the lower cervical vertebrae have moved into hypertension, at the same time that the upper cervical vertebrae flex forward. This position, known as an 'S curve,' causes extreme strain on the muscle, tendons and ligaments in the neck.

X-rays will normally be negative for fractures

Over the last few decades, seat and headrest design have greatly contributed to the decreasing number of serious head and neck injuries that result from car accidents. This is why the majority of x-rays taken after a collision will show that there are no fractures in the neck. On the other hand, many people experience the same injury which is a straightening of the cervical curve in the neck, which can cause a great amount of pain.

Chiropractic treatment is the very best option for whiplash

If you have recently been injured in a car accident and you believe you may be suffering from whiplash, the best thing you can do for your body is to see your local Plymouth chiropractor at Koenig Chiropractic. Not only are chiropractors trained to diagnose many of the different types of injuries that come with whiplash, but they are also trained to treat them. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may need to have chiropractic care completed for a few weeks or a few months. The main goal is to get you back to feeling like your normal self as quickly and effectively as possible. If you want to schedule an appointment at our office, simply call us today and learn what we can do for you!

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